Now I know you’re skeptical, and you should be. I am not super model skinny. My entire life I have been searching for the key to permanent weight loss, but no matter how hard I worked, the permanent part eluded me.  Also, I have met very few people, regardless of their weight, who are not constantly dieting or thinking they should.

For me, it has taken countless diets, weight fluctuations, and ultimately a series of debilitating health conditions to finally set me free from diet prison. I was a repeat offender, out one week and back the next; always thinking this diet would be the last one. I constantly read and researched different approaches to health and nutrition. I got lots of results- just none of them lasting and some of them undesirable.

After decades of trial and error (I used to like to experiment on myself), I came upon a man named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He introduced me to the concept of nutritional density. I read his books, did a 6-week trial of his program and then attended a five-day seminar with him where he served us the most delicious Nutritarian food. A Nutritarian is essentially someone who eats nutrient dense foods. I learned that the “animal is the best source of protein” dogma is in fact a myth. My health began improving immediately, and so did my sleep.

Later that year, I went even deeper with three weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where I learned even more about what foods are truly rich in nutrients and life force.  Day after day I was exposed to independent, high quality research that documented what my body and mind were already revealing: a plant-based diet, high in raw, nutrient dense foods is the effortless route to vibrant health and survival on this planet. My life, my energy, my health and my weight transformed, effortlessly. Sleep was now becoming restorative and rejuvenating. I began to feel truly rested for the first time in years (ever?).

For much of my life I gave lip service to healthy eating, but really the number on the scale ruled me. Although I did always care about being healthy, when it came to food I was willing to make compromises to just weigh less. Now, I focus on the nutrient density and life force in the foods I am eating, and the scale looks after itself. Regularly people tell me how well and young I look.

My understanding of what actually is healthy food has expanded dramatically. When I learned some foods that I previously considered to be part of a natural diet were actually proven to cause cancer, heart disease and numerous other ailments, I felt like someone killed Santa Claus. When I learned about how the body responds to most nutritional supplements like toxins, it felt like the tooth fairy and Easter bunny got axed as well. I was temporarily quite uncomfortable. But discomfort rapidly transformed into ease and excitement as my health, my energy, and my state of mind all improved.

Is Permanent Weight Loss Just a fairytale?

If you are still someone who worries about their weight, I wish I could convey to you the immense relief you experience when you are filling your body with truly nutritious foods and your body responds. Food ceases to be an issue. You eat when you are hungry and eat until you are satisfied. If you are not hungry, there is no longer this uncontrollable need to eat anyway just because it’s mealtime. You no longer think incessantly about what you are going to eat next. If you are hungry, but cannot get to food right away, it’s just no big deal. Freedom tastes better than any food I’ve ever had, even at three-Michelin starred restaurants.

If this is a fairytale, it’s a real-life one.

So how do you stop dieting for good? It is simple. You might not even have to read beyond the first one, but the others are brilliant too, so read on.

  1. Fill your body with truly nutrient-dense foods like fresh wheatgrass juice and sprouts. I will post recipes and ideas on this blog to help you here. There’s loads of information available online also.
  1. Focus on your health, not on your weight. It wasn’t until I had a true shift in this mindset that I was able to turn a nutrient dense diet into a lifestyle.
  1. Based upon your individual body and metabolism, you may need to eat more of certain foods and less of others. If you don’t force yourself into a rigid program and actually listen to the feedback you receive, you will know what to do. You will come across the information you need at the right time to get better results.
  1. Relax regularly. Stress is more damaging and prevalent than you might think and affects all aspects of our health and life experience. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. proved that stress, especially long-term stress even at low levels, causes unhealthy mutations in our genetic code. Yikes!
  1. Try out some EFT or tapping. I did. It really helps to break the patterns of old subconscious programming that could be sabotaging your weight loss.
  1. Be willing to be uncomfortable in the short-term so that you can be fantastic in the long-term. And I’m not even talking about that long. The results after just three months on this lifestyle will convince you. It only took me three weeks to know I had come to a point of no return. Being well and looking great were more than enough to convince me.
  1. Re-read number 1. When you are truly nourished, your appetite and cravings diminish, and the weight just cannot hang on.
  1. Stop putting poisons in the form of pesticides, herbicides, processed foods, sugar, chemical sprays, lotions, soaps and preservatives into and onto your beautiful body. Your body is a faithful servant to all the instruction you give it. And when you give it toxic information it can only respond with symptoms and ultimately conditions and disease.
  1. You don’t have to do it all at once. It is okay to take small steps, to transition to a healthier and healthier lifestyle. Unless you are really sick, you may be better off making incremental changes, rather than going all in only to snap back like a rubber band to old habits and behaviors.
  1. Always tune into your own intelligence. You know, you really, really do know what’s best for you. Give yourself the space and time to get to know yourself and your needs.

There may be nothing here you have not read before, but perhaps this post will touch you in a new way, a way that encourages inspired action from you.

I look forward to sharing more with you on nutrient dense foods and how to transform your health, just like I did my own.

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