Mindset, Relaxation and Private Consulting

How would it feel to work with someone who nurtures you, supports you, and believes in you? Could you see how approaching life from a relaxed state would allow any changes you make to be more effortless and long lasting? What would it mean to you if you had an experienced guide to assist you?

You can use this website as a place to learn, grow, develop and share your victories. You will find yourself becoming more relaxed and at ease on a daily basis, as you practice the relaxation principles on this site. Your health will improve over time, as you take consistent but manageable steps. Before long you find yourself with more energy, more vitality, and making a real impact in your own life and the lives of others.

That is my unique approach. While you won’t find like extravagant promises like “lose 10 pounds in 7 days,” you will find great information, life experience, fascinating research and (dare I say) love.

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That is my unique approach. While you won’t find like extravagant promises like “lose 10 pounds in 7 days,” you will find great information, life experience, fascinating research and (dare I say) love.

6-Week Weight Loss Breakthrough Bootcamp:

Tired of the weight struggle-whether it's physical, mental-emotional or both?

Confused and fed-up by all the conflicting information you see?

Do you want the tools to finally break free from dieting and stress around food?

Ready to lose that weight while getting healthier and freer in the process?



Working with Gloriane on a private basis is for the person deeply committed to personal growth.

You be challenged on a deep level to reach beyond limitations of thoughts and past experiences.

This work requires self-honesty and  personal responsibility.

If you're ready, you are invited to apply to this life-changing partnership.


Exclusive Retreats:

Our Exclusive Retreats are intimate gatherings that take place in spectacular and inspirational settings.

Learn, connect and play with extraordinary people. Be immersed in a high-energy, transformational, luxury, growth experience.

These transformational getaways are for people ready to take their life to the next level and beyond.

Clients Say

"I have been working with Gloriane for almost a year now, and the knowledge she has about health and nutrition never stops to amaze me. Very often I joke she is like a walking encyclopedia. I feel extremely blessed to be around her and have the opportunity to learn from the best. Following her advice, I'm candida free today. I have bright clear eyes and all the energy in the world. Raw, sugar free, plant-based lifestyle and feeling amazing. Thank you for helping me shift my life from "being ok" to feeling incredible, taking myself to the fullness of my being, growing spiritually and learning that the beauty comes within. Balancing the primary food in our lives brings healing and wellness."

Milena Bozhkova, Co. Down, N.Ireland

"After attending numerous Drs and consultants and getting no answers regarding my health, I was told. "I would suggest you try the alternative route, you have reached the end in orthodox." At this point I had exhausted every specialist in every system in the body. My own GP maintained It was postnatal depression, it wasn't. At this point I got very worried, it felt so isolating that here I am falling apart and my own health system cannot help me. Where do I go from here? Could this all be in my head? Am I going crazy? NO!! I knew if I could get the right help and support that I could conquer this. Meeting Gloriane has quite literally saved my life. She had come through similar experiences to me and was able to guide and support me through the toughest most challenging time I could ever have imagined in my life. Literally within weeks my symptoms were getting less and less. Life was becoming beautiful again, as it always was pre-sickness. My health continues to improve, with the help and advice from Gloriane and nutrition at the helm. When I asked God for an angel, he sent me one. I'll be eternally grateful for her kindness, dedication, knowledge and above all her inspiring words of wisdom to me. She always made me believe in myself, regardless of the magnitude of the problem. Her 'tough talks' gave me the fire in my stomach to believe I can and I will beat this!! We can only heal when we give support mentally, physically and spiritually. My journey continues with Gloriane."

K. O'hare. Co. Down. N. Ireland.

"Working with Gloriane was just an amazing experience of renewal. We worked through various healing therapies together and removed some significant blockages that were limiting my ability to fully enjoy life and make the most of my potential. There is one particular session that I will never forget, where I was able to let go of some emotional baggage that I didn’t even know that I had. I felt immediately lighter after the experience. That weight has gone and will never return. Overall, it was a joy and I’m sure a lifelong friendship came from it too."

Tom Hughes, Newry.