“I am soo happy. I am soooo happy! I am so happy.”

These are the words of the four year-old little girl who made everyone in the lift at the Dublin airport smile today. Really smile.

What was it about her that bypassed all the thoughts, cares, and concerns those people were carrying and went straight to the human spirit?

Is this what Jesus meant when he said that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like little children?

I don’t believe he meant to never mature and develop. Perhaps he was referring to the child-like state, where the sheer joy and pleasure of just being alive is experienced and expressed without any interference.

You see that little girl doesn’t spend her time trying to figure out why and how to be happy. She is just in her natural state, and the happiness that is her true nature is just pouring through her. She is just being herself. And she doesn’t need any education (contamination?) to be that.

But she is no different from you or me, other than she has nothing in-between her and her natural state.

What if you could learn that state? Or more correctly, what if you could unlearn what gets in the way of your natural state?

Well, the GREAT NEWS is you can. The process of real relaxation can bring you into that state quickly and easily- and you don’t need a degree to figure it out.

If you haven’t already, click on my free state changer below and begin the return to your natural state. And I will see you in the world so free and SO HAPPY.

I am sooo happy! Would you come and join me in the kingdom?

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