Some days we think we just don’t want to do those things that we know support us. Maybe we have been following a good program or are in a great routine, and suddenly we decide we don’t feel like “being good” anymore. As we pay attention to these devious thoughts, our body chemistry changes. If we continue, soon we are in an out of control state, destroying all our good work, skipping our morning meditation, eating when we’re not hungry. So what should we listen to?

We are told we should listen to our feelings and make decisions based upon how we feel. But what if these feelings aren’t coming from our true selves but conditioned thoughts?

Feelings are tricky. (Words are even trickier because often we use the same words to describe different things.) While it is important to acknowledge how we feel, or our internal state, these types of fleeting feelings usually stem from unconscious patterns and programs. Most of the time, they are contradictory to our true goals and desires.

If you are reading this you have probably either worked on changing your limiting programs or at least have an interest in changing them. But what do you do when you are in the heat of the moment? When the voice in your head is telling you to eat that bar of chocolate or don’t bother exercising-“It won’t hurt. You deserve it!” Or whatever your program happens to be.

For our purposes here, the specifics don’t matter. What matters is that you can get real, right now, and make an intelligent choice. An intelligent choice is one that is in alignment with your own life force, what you truly desire.

I have found that if I can change my physiology, I can stop myself before I engage in a behavior that I really don’t want.

Here are some ways to quickly change your physiology and snap yourself back to reality:

  1. Consider deeply about how you will feel after you “cheat” or go against yourself. Use all of your five senses here to really get into it. For example, if I eat something unhealthy, I am lethargic, sluggish, bloated, and regretful. The skin loses its glow and my clothes are tight. Is that really how I want to feel? Is it worth the few moments of satisfaction in my mouth for the longer-lasting physical discomfort and effects on my health?
  1. Consider deeply how you will feel if you do something that supports you, like going to the gym. For example, after training, I feel energized, excited, proud of myself, and powerful. I am alive. Really get into those feelings, as opposed to the thoughts that are trying to sabotage you.
  2. Quickly move on to an activity you enjoy. Shift your attention. Replace what you don’t truly want with what you truly enjoy.
  1. Get outside in nature if possible. Right now! Even better, get on the grass or earth in your bare feet.
  1. Tap on it. There is a lot of great information available online about tapping or EFT. You can even find how-to videos on YouTube. This is a very powerful way to unlink your body chemistry from undesired habits and programs.

Pay attention to how your energy shifts and how you feel differently in your body. And if you need to, do it again. And again. You are worth it! You are getting stronger.

We are all learning, and what a great journey it is.

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