Is Your You Really True?

I received an email last night from Peter Ragnar. It is one of the most insightful things I have ever read.

“I’m always replacing a lesser joy with a greater joy. This decision is never in question. The only question remaining is will the greater joy reveal the true self? Will it reveal that part of you which is not dependent on conditions or things in order for happiness to occur?” ©Peter Ragnar


The purpose of relaxation is not to force ourselves to be something more positive than we are, but to access that little (well, HUGE) piece inside every single one of us that is untouchable, fearless and the very essence of life itself.

You know you have accessed it in moments here and there when you have felt so alive, free and simply at one with everything. But where did that feeling go?

It didn’t go anywhere! In fact, it is always inside of you and always seeking to make conscious contact with you. If you are not aware of it all the time (and I do mean ALL), it is only because you have left your natural, clear state.

The way that I approach relaxation is to use simple techniques and relentless reminders to bring people into their natural state, in contact with that little piece, until it becomes a way of life.

It’s a get out of jail FREE card, and the great news is you NEVER have to go back…but it is always your choice.

So, are you just in a more positive but unreal state because you have been told to be positive? It is a bit lighter and brighter than being negative. Or are you the REAL DEAL? Flowing, connected, fearless and totally independent upon external conditions for your sense of peace and freedom?

Practising the relaxed state with this understanding could just be the vital difference for you. It is for me.

Thank you for being a part of my world. The world needs you, the true you.

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