How to Get Over Your Ex

How do you get over your ex?

Do you have one person you’ve never been able to fully get over?

Are you thinking of them even years later, as your staring at your current partner, and wish you were with someone else?

So you lay in bed at night and wonder about them?


Or…do you torture yourself by checking their social media often?


Relationships are some of the most difficult things to be able to move beyond. When a relationship ends before we are ready for it to end, it can break our heart and totally alter the course of our life. It doesn’t even matter if it has been 6 months or 60 years, heartbreak is heartbreak.


So how do we lift ourselves out of the tub of chocolate ice cream? Move on and start dating again? Throw away the old love letters? Adjust the attitude of our hearts to be able to give and receive love again?


Einstein’s theory of relativity says that energy is neither created nor destroyed—it can only change shape. That is also true for romantic relationships. That love is not destroyed—it’s transferred when we fall in love again.


But…what if that love energy is stuck on someone we can never have, and maybe we should never have, again? In order to move on, we must transfer our energy. Who or what do we transfer it to?


We can run into long-term bad habits when we are chronically moving directly from one relationship to another, when we don’t stop to transfer the energy to ourselves first.


Move the loving energy from the ex to your inner Self. How do you love yourself?

  • Participate in meditation and relaxation.
  • Take five minutes, be quiet, and really observe your inner state and voice.
  • Practice self care—get a manicure or do an epsom salt soak.
  • Cook yourself a healthy, nutritious meal. Take your time. Enjoy the process.
  • Go on a trip alone, even for a night, to somewhere beautiful.
  • Go on a hike or a walk and don’t take your phone.
  • Journal.

We can’t destroy the love. The love remains, but the focus must go to the self as opposed to the other. When we love ourselves, we will be easier to love, and we will love more easily.



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