Most food cravings are caused by either nutritional deficiencies (what we aren’t getting from what we eat) or caused by the foods we do eat. If you do not get enough living nutrition, or you take in addictive foods, you are going to have cravings.

This blog is not about filling in any nutritional gaps by flooding your body with nutrient dense, living foods and whole food supplements where necessary. There will be lots of that information on this website.

It’s also not about how sugar and food additives (many them not even listed in the ingredients) cause you to crave more of those foods. You don’t actually physically crave them until you eat them. Then you can’t stop. You know the feeling of not being able to eat just one? That’s an addictive food.

This is about what do you do when you are already addressing those areas, and yet you still have cravings, or you eat when you are not really hungry. You are doing your very best to live a healthy lifestyle, yet somehow these blocks sometimes get the better of you and derail your efforts.

If this is happening, you have created pathways in your brain-body connections that link food with emotion. Who hasn’t? Think holiday celebrations and food. Birthdays and food. Mothers and food. When I felt scared or lonely as a little girl, I couldn’t wait for my mother to get home from work and make me her farina, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. While not all these associations are bad, if they are causing us to eat to the detriment of our health, then we need to address them. These are called weight loss blockers.

One of the most powerful tools to help reduce and eliminate food cravings is EFT or Tapping. There are different versions of tapping and you can find lots of free examples online, especially on YouTube.

Brittany Watkins is woman who has overcome food cravings, lost weight permanently and transformed her life with tapping. I have worked with Brittany personally. She’s an insightful, talented woman with real-life experience.

She has a quiz to help you figure out what your individual weight loss blocker is and how to eliminate it.

You can click this link below to take the quiz and help yourself to get rid of your personal weight loss blocker:

As you go deeper into a healthy lifestyle, and experience the freedom it gives you, you want more of that. You also want others to experience that same freedom.

If you think you may be eating emotionally, check back at for more tools on how to eliminate emotional eating. Look online for lots of free EFT or tapping resources. And check out Brittany’s quiz on figuring out your personal weight loss blocker here:

Seeing you free and freely enjoying delicious, healthy and life-giving foods.

Click this link below to take the quiz and figure out your personal weight loss blocker:

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