Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day

Change your life in five minutes a day? Sounds suspicious…

Have you ever heard of a minimum effective dose? It’s the idea that you want to do the least amount possible to get the maximum benefit. What I’m talking about is powerful potency, like a vitamin.

Some people call this the tipping point or the butterfly effect. What is one small thing that you can do to completely can change your life?

Spend five minutes a day being quiet and listening to your Self.

Often we don’t change because we think it will require an overwhelming amount of things to change. We don’t even know where to begin!

There is one thing that is so powerful, one act we can do each day that is a minimum effective dose—just five minutes. That five minutes can change our lives because it is potent.

Why? Because it might be the only time you take to actually connect with your Self. It might be the only time you actually give your Self the podium.

You can think about this five minutes as a business meeting with your Self, if that helps you take it seriously enough to do it every day.

It feels luxurious when you do it right, especially if you, like me, are very busy!

So, let’s start with the minimum effective dose to change your life. Let’s focus on that tiny tipping point.

Get quiet. Close the door. Shut your eyes. Lay or sit, however you like to get comfortable. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths. And listen to your Self. Check in with your body, your heart.

When we approach the five minutes a day as inner quiet time and reflection and awareness, those five minutes become very powerful.

In those minutes we are relaxing away judgement, inner tension, stress and pressure. When we are under stress and pressure, we can’t make decisions, we can’t relax into what our inner selves know.

In those five minutes, we are giving a microphone to the voice that sees outcome and possibilities. That voice gently guides us to what’s next, what to choose now, what to do later, who we are, what’s best for us. The inner voice is always right, and sees the best outcome even it’s only one step at a time.

The feedback and inner conversation that happens during that time when the mind is at rest and quiet, is always correct bc it comes from our intelligence.

It can change your life because you are relaxing away all of those things that aren’t you—anxiety, depression, pressure, busyness, urgency, and you can become clear in what you really want. It makes you tune into your Self, which is all that you need.

In the end, you change your life, and the You that has the drive, desire, sense of Self to do that, is inside of you.

Give your Self the space to speak.

Relax with Glo


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