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Hello beautiful you.

Want to feel better, look better, relate better and get better results in your life?

Working together, we can create profound shifts in your health, your weight, your mind and you life experience.

This path of transformation is not always easy. It requires commitment and deep self honesty. But the rewards are great. I look forward to shining a little light on this journey, together.

I’m Gloriane Giovannelli. You Can Call Me Dr. Glo. Love Is My Superpower.

Connect with me. Work with me. Laugh with me, and I’ll share with you all I’ve learned to create a vibrantly healthy and all-around delicious life.


I’m welcoming you to a place where you’ll see and feel you are loved, worthy and supported.

But specifically we are going to invite in some new things that serve and gently let go of those things that don’t.

I can’t do it for you, but we can make magic together.


This Is How We’ll Work.

Free audios and videos, recipes, tips and practical strategies for a healthy life are all available. We have online products and programs to support your results, growth and evolution.

If you are ready to make a profound impact in your own life and the lives of others, private consulting is also available. Private consulting with Gloriane is available by application only. For serious enquiries, please email drlgo@drgloriane.com.

What People Say.

Results speak for themselves. This is feedback from some people that have walked the journey with me.

"Having worked closely with Dr. Glo over the last few years I can only describe her knowledge and wisdom as something of exceptional brilliance.

Her only aim is to help people become the very best version of themselves, to help them maintain a healthy body and mind through simple yet effective routines.

I have personally been using her deep relaxations and also her short intense state changing relations on a daily basis, and I cannot express the profound impact that this has had on my daily life both personally and professionally.

Gloriane is both an exceptionally skilled professional when it comes to health, wellness, nutrition and all things LIFE but also she is beautiful human being who is caring, wise, empathetic, empowering, playful, gracious and a shining example of how each and everyone of us can live our perfect life.

Gloriane has taught me how to trust in life and I would have no higher recommendation then that I have trusted her with mine.

And from that I have gained a deeper connection to life."

Jennifer Cullen, Co. Kildare, Ireland

What You Can Do Right Now

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