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The Importance of Filtering Blue Light

What is blue light? And why would you consider filtering some of it out?   Let’s start by very briefly going over light in general.   Light has different wavelengths, and those wavelengths are different colors, different strengths, and have different effects on us.   Think about the sun—our biggest source of blue light. The…

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Is Buying Organic Just a Big Waste of Money?

Before we can really decide if it’s worth it to pay extra for organic, it’s helpful to understand the alternative. That means knowing a little about pesticides and how they affect our food and bodies.   What are pesticides? Pesticides are chemicals that kill and deter bugs, mold, rodents, fungus, and other organism infestations. Most…

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Is Fish Really a Health Food?

Fish is a major part of the diets of many health-conscious people. It contains protein and omega 3s—two things people concentrate on when they are watching their waistline and heart health. Fish is regularly pedaled as a go-to source of nutrition.   So what’s the problem? How could fish be considered unhealthy?   Right now…

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