People who relax regularly or maintain a relaxed state get lots of benefits. And you’ll certainly be in a better, more fun place after getting relaxed.

Think about a deep, joyful, belly laugh and how good that feels. You can’t have that if you’re not completely relaxed. Think about relating with the people you love. You cut yourself off from their goodness and joy when you are stressed. And you cut them off from yours.

There are so many benefits for people who experience relaxation.

Here are 10 Advantages:

  1. Increased immunity = Less sickness of all kinds.
  2. Lower blood pressure = Healthier heart and brain.
  3. Better appetite control = Rocking the skinny jeans.
  4. Reduced anxiety = Feeling comfortable in your everyday life.
  5. Decreased pain = Relief.
  6. Improved memory = Remembering where you left your keys.
  7. Less risk of stroke = Alive. And without neurological damage.
  8. Protection from depression = Actually enjoying your life experience.
  9. Better sex (stress lowers your libido) = Happy days and partners!
  10. Reduced muscle tension = Overall body ease.

These are just a few of the proven benefits of relaxation. Herbert Benson, M.D. called it “The Relaxation Response.”

Basically, stress brings us more of what we don’t want and relaxation brings us more of what we do want. This means our bodies and minds work best in a relaxed state. Regular relaxation helps you start your day off right, to drift into a restful sleep, and to seriously increase productivity. There are no downsides, only advantages.

So if you haven’t already, enter your first name and email below to get your free Shift in 5 Relaxation. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this short relaxation. It doesn’t take a lot of time to shift your state and to start receiving the advantages of relaxing regularly.

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